International Art Grant 2020

N. Gokhan Yorganci

Artist in Residence grant for arts 2020 for the young artist Fatma Bucak

'Writing Through Erosion' is the project name for which the artist Fatma Bucak receives next year's artist-in-residence grant of the Foundation of Arts & Music for Dresden. Born in 1984 in Turkey, Fatma Bucak will live and work in Dresden for four months in 2020.

The grant was selected by an international committee, which was most impressed by her latest works like "Damascus Rose", 2016 and "Enduring Nature of thoughts", 2018. "Damascus Rose" is a garden of Damask roses - a once iconic species at risk of disappearing as the Syrian fields in which it grows have largely been abandoned as a consequence of the civil war. Fatma Bucak studied Philosophy at Istanbul University and History of Art and Etching in Italy at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, before completing her MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art, London. Bucak’s practices in performance, photography, sound, and video center on political identity, cultural and gender norms, and landscape as a space of historical renegotiation. Investigating the fragility, tension and irreversibility of history, the power of testimony and memory in her practice she often questions traditional forms of history-making.

Fatma Bucak is looking foward to her residency in Dresden:

“As an artist I have been questioning how individuals are defined and challenged by the political powers of our time, and how our history is in turn shaped by the fragile and tense politics that results. What will be cast away and what will remain? ‘Writing Through Erosion’ will form part of an ongoing exploration of public perceptions of loss, particularly of natural life. The participatuary nature of he work will makes me excited to be able to work in the city with different groups of people that dig with me the question of a possibility for a reversibility. I am looking forward to be part of a this historical city for a while.“

The yearly alternating art grants of the foundation, one for music and one for fine arts, seek to invite independet artistic perspectives and to promote the international outreach of Dresden as a city of contemporary art. Biyearly, the foundation addresses artists whose work has already been noted on an international scale to apply for the International Art Grant. The grant is dedicated to fostering creative processes and to developing new, innovative ideas and artwork in Dresden. In 2015, the first International Art Grant invited the Spanish artist Fernando Sánchez Castillo to Dresden. In 2017, Marinella Senatore came to Dresden with the International Art Grant.

The non-profit Foundation of Arts and Music for Dresden was established by the city of Dresden in 2012 in order to serve the common good as a non-partisan supporter of music, artistic and cultural education as well as contemporary arts. Its objective is to strengthen Dresden’s international recognition as a hub of arts and culture. The foundation pools active citizenship and is home to an international network supporting arts and music in Dresden.



Dr. Hedda im Brahm-Droege – Foundation board Stiftung Kunst und Musik für Dresden

Dr. phil. h.c. Ingrid Mössinger – General director Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz a. D.

Nevin Aladağ – Artist & guest professorship WS 2019/2020 Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden

Michael Klipphahn – Artist & curator Galerie Stephanie Kelly e. V. Dresden

Martin Rieckmann – Board of Trustees Stiftung Kunst und Musik für Dresden

Dr. Kathleen Reinhardt – Curator Contemporary Art, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

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