International Music Grant 2022

Fred R. Conrad

Artist-in-residence grant for music 2022 for the young composer Hannah Ishizaki

'A Portrait of Fractured Voices' is the project name for which the composer Hannah Ishizaki receives this year's artist-in-residence grant of the Foundation of Art & Music for Dresden. Born in Pittsburgh in 2000, Hannah Ishizaki will live and work in Dresden for three months in the summer of 2022.

The grant was selected by an international committee, which was most impressed by her multidisciplinary compositions. The grant is dedicated to fostering creative processes and to developing new, innovative ideas and artwork in Dresden. The Foundation of Art & Music for Dresden is especially looking forward to the premiere of Hannah Ishizaki's chamber music composition at the 30th Moritzburg Festival in August 2022.

From Juilliard to Dresden

Hannah Ishizaki is currently in the studios of Andrew Norman for composition and Areta Zhulla and Ronald Copes for violin at the Juilliard School where she is the proud recipient of a Kovner Fellowship. Her works often draw from the physicality and theatricality of performance practice. Immersed in the world of collaboration, Hannah frequently works with dancers, actors, filmmakers, and visual artists to connect the seemingly unconnected and create innovative and multidisciplinary projects. In 2017, she became the youngest woman ever to have a world premiere with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO). Her compositions have been performed internationally, including Spain, France, New York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

In addition to her work as a composer, Hannah Ishizaki has also organized multidisciplinary art performances and projects: 'See Music; Hear Art' is a collaboration between Juilliard composers and visual artists from Cooper Union.


Hannah Ishizaki is looking foward to her residency in Dresden:

Recently, I have been interested in how language — both in spoken and sung word — can be deconstructed into pure sounds, devoid of symbolic meaning, while only leaving a conceptual trace to their original meanings. 'A Portrait of Fractured Voices' will be a series of collaborative explorations for voice, chamber, and orchestral instrumentations that reimagine how spoken word is perceived. I am excited to engage with the rich multidisciplinary culture of visual artists, musicians, and dancers in the city of Dresden during my stay in this amazing historic city.


The jury for the International Music Grant 2022:

  • Dr. Thomas Hesse - Foundation board, Foundation of Art and Music for Dresden
  • Jan Vogler - Artistic and General Director, Dresden music festival
  • Christina Biwank - viola player, Dresdner Philharmonie
  • Carena Schlewitt - director, HELLERAU - European Center of Arts in Dresden
  • Josep Caballé Domenech - Music Director, Colorado Springs Philharmonic & Principal Conductor, Moritzburg Festival Orchestra.
  • Charlotte Bray - Composer

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