Freunde & Förderer der Komponistenklasse Dresden

Family concert of the Komponistenklasse Dresden

"Electrifying" has been the weeks of lockdown for the Komponistenklasse Dresden. During the period of contact restrictions, the 9- to 17-year-olds familiarized themselves with sound recordings and audio programs. The combination of electronics and instrumental music will take center stage when the freshly created works are premiered at the Festspielhaus Hellerau and the young composers are presented to the audience.
You can experience a "Zeitreise" with musical excursions by ship, stagecoach and streetcar, an "orchestra of ring tones", "echo music", "the cuckoo and the woodpecker" and much more. The students composed under the guidance of Silke Fraikin, Johannes Korndörfer, Annette Schlünz, Bernd Schumann and worked out their pieces together with the musicians. The sound collective Opus Eins with Arnfried Falk (oboe), Harald Heim (horn), Johannes Kilian (percussion), Caroline Kersten (viola), Luca Marai Kühne (double bass), Ole Jana (passages) performs under the direction of Milko Kersten, who also leads through the program as moderator.



November 06, 2021

as a stream (temporary)

HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden


Louise Schlünz
Louise Schlünz


The Komponistenklasse Dresden is concerned with the promotion of children and young people in an artistic field where there are hardly any other educational opportunities. Since 1991 it has been led by the Dresden composer Silke Fraikin.

In this free class, which works on the basis of a committed association of parents, former pupils and sponsors, 8 to 19 year old pupils from Dresden and the Saxon region meet for regular lessons, workshops and vacation courses under the guidance of experienced composition teachers and guest lecturers.

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