The OSTRALE Biennale currently presents a multifaceted feature of the group show Borjass, which was created almost in secret:

On display are works by a young group of artists from the Iranian city of Amol, a city in northern Iran near the Caspian Sea in the province of Mazandaran. From Tehran you can reach the city after about three hours by car through the gigantic and impressive mountains of the Elbrus Mountains. Never before have the works of these young artists been shown outside of Iran - so far they were only shown at exhibitions in their own country, including in Tehran. In their works, the artists deal with their lives, their environment, their society and their own inner world of thought. To discover are stories that here - outside of Iran - can receive a different, new interpretation. The artistic work, says a member of the group, gives the young Iranians freedom, teaches and fills them.

The group exhibition is titled "The Range. The area ", which features oil and acrylic paintings, drawings by Akbar Nematirad among others, which look like stills from a film by Fellini - they tell of love and violence, street scenes merge with a dream world, perspectives are reversed is a powerful collection of photographs taken on a street market in Iran that tell us a universal story of life and death and our habits, as the photographer Hamed Ghasemi (21) says in his words, "Human being colonizes anything he does not understands that he replaces others-loving with others-devouring. The blood streams that follow from the animal's neck. His wondering eyes, his last screaming as a suppressed sympathy, they are all in a nutshell human being can face. "

Martina de Maizière, Director of the Foundation for Art and Music for DD: "I am looking forward to getting to know the young Iranian artists and I look forward to their world. It will be an enrichment for the people of Dresden to experience their perspective as they come from a country where you have to deal with personal restrictions all the time. "

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