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About touch and other things

DON'T TOUCH is a dance show, a musical experience, a wild performance ride, a stepping over and stepping in between. It is a bridge between playing music, experiencing it and interpreting it through dance.

DON'T TOUCH is a collaboration between Joachim Schloemer and the ensemble EL PERRO ANDALUZ. The musical theater takes place in a setting of set pieces from the 70s: Flokatite carpets on the wall, analogue push-button telephones, a color-coordinated set of small side tables and sofas, and matching wardrobes for the performers. Eight musicians and two dancers perform in their very natural ambience. What they do there is stirring, slightly thought-provoking and as serious as it is absurdly funny.

DON'T TOUCH is about touching and not touching: Prohibition and at the same time desire and hope for touch. We dare to exhaust the range from baroque to contemporary music and from dance and instrumental playing to performative-exalted performance.

DON'T TOUCH are scenes with eight musicians and two dancers between "lonely hearts" and music-theatrical dance performance. Seven years after their successful music project "don't play", which was aimed at locating self-determined artists in the culture industry, EL PERRO ANDALUZ now follows up with a scenic continuation: again music theater with an emphasis on theater and movement, but this time with the question "How do we communicate, how do we create closeness today?" Musically, the spectrum of the evening ranges from Gesualdo to Schumann and minimal music from New York to the hypnotically wild music of the Italian composer Fausto Romitelli.



Direction / Choreography - Joachim Schloemer
Musical direction - Lennart Dohms, Alwyn Westbrooke
Production management - tristan Production | Isolde Matkey

Dancers, choreography - Anne Dietrich, Bar Gonen
Musicans - Ensemble El Perro Andaluz, Neil Richter / Electric bass


September 16, 2021

Zentralwerk Dresden


Klaus Bergmann
Klaus Bergmann
Klaus Bergmann
Klaus Bergmann
Klaus Bergmann
Heike Neubauer-Antoci
Klaus Bergmann
Heike Neubauer-Antoci


Trailer for "Don't Touch"


Founded in 2007 through a collaboration with Brian Ferneyhough, El Perro Andaluz has quickly become one of the most versatile contemporary music and performance ensembles in Germany.  It works in different musical-performative fields and seeks to expand the boundaries of the traditional concert experience by borrowing from the performance arts.

El Perro Andaluz works since its existence in different musical areas - music theater, installation, concerts and music educational projects. For the ensemble's self-image, the interpretation of existing works is just as important as being an active creative partner in the development of new works. In collaboration with more than 60 contemporary composers, El Perro Andaluz has been able to distinguish this self-image throughout Europe.


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