Krypta Church of our lady Dresden

The Psalms of David - Schütz 'ingenious sound cosmos as original, adaptation, inspiration In 1619, exactly 400 years ago, Schütz published his famous collection of 26 multi-chambered religious concerts. Inspired by his formative stay in Venice and study with Giovanni Gabrieli from 1609 to 1612. In and with the Dresden court orchestra Schütz then found the optimal conditions to adapt this Venetian polyphony for the music of the evangelical court service. The Psalms of David exemplify Schütz's ability to create overwhelming spatial music of the utmost intensity, without losing its linearity and subtle interpretations of words.

This extremely modern, sonorous, polyphonic music by one of the "very best Teutonic composers" is inspiration and inspiration for one of the most innovative composers and sound artists of our day: Fabian Russ. He immerses himself in this complex work, creates a moving dialogue with the original work in a creative exploration, the recording of which is based on the Dresden Chamber Choir, traces the multi-layered entanglements and creates a completely new sound space that unites modernity over the centuries. Russ, composer and Orchestronik® artist, will use his individual approach to composition to extract small clippings / samples from the Schütz psalms, combine them again and then interweave them with the original recordings. The result is a work that, on the one hand, gets its inspiration from the music of the 17th century, on the other uses state-of-the-art compositional means and innovative digital communication channels in its implementation. The generated 3D audio sound gives the listener a unique spatial experience: Listening is at the same time a perfect immersion in all tonal facets. This is further enhanced in the 3D Audio Dome: through free movement in a dome, new details and sounds can be discovered from any position, they can be moved in space, naturalistic acoustic processes can be reproduced, reproduced or edited; the medium itself becomes an artistic means. The resulting work of art and its acoustic realization are not only unusual in their combination with early Baroque music, they themselves emerge as a "prototype" and touch new territory.

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