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The Kunstraum Galerie Ursula Walter shows in its 4-part exhibition series "#freesearch" international positions of artistic practice, each of which, in very different ways, deal with artistic research or research within their own work. The Foundation Art & Music for Dresden supports part 3 (Mirjam Kroker - "i" is for thinking) and part 4 (Antye Guenther - ARCHEOLOGIES FOR THE FUTURES) of the exhibition series.

"From the painters of the ancient Egyptian tombs to Dante and Caspar David Friedrich to Emily Dickinson, it has always been artists who have confronted the incomprehensible, the intangible, the unthinkable. It always took a lot of courage to translate the dizzying experiences of thinking about our existence and the universe into literature and images." (Susanne Altmann)


Mirjam Kroker - "i" is for thinking

Mirjam Kroker (*1982) already makes her philosophical thrust clear in the exhibition title: "i" is for thinking/ roughly: "i" stands for thinking. No wonder that she often uses the mathematical sign for infinity ꝏ. In the work "The Planetary Art World/ Die planetarische Kunstwelt" this loop stands for the potentially endless creative process. In Mirjam Kroker's case, this process is both intellectual and manual: "I think with my hands." (M.K.) It is no coincidence that the trained anthropologist received her artistic or sculptural training in Dresden with Martin Honert. When she saws Meyer's thick world atlas (published in West Germany in 1979) crosswise into five neat pieces, for example, the resulting sculpture is a model for thinking. About how the world has changed since then - geopolitically, technologically, climatically, geologically. The invitation to construct entirely new contexts or insights by hand from the five fragments is an artistic appeal to the viewer to reverse entrenched lines of thought.

(text: Susanne Altmann)



Mirjam Kroker

Duration of the Exhibition:

September 10-October 23, 2021

Galerie Ursula Walter


Galerie Ursula Walter | Andreas Kempe
Galerie Ursula Walter | Andreas Kempe
Galerie Ursula Walter | Andreas Kempe
Galerie Ursula Walter | Andreas Kempe
Galerie Ursula Walter | Andreas Kempe


Galerie Ursula Walter is a non-commercial exhibition space for contemporary art in Dresden. Since 2013, the artist-run and curated Galerie am Goldenen Reiter has realized more than 60 exhibitions and received the Förderpreis der Landeshauptstadt Dresden in 2019 both for its content program and for the development and pioneering work at Neustädter Markt, which has become an important place in the Dresden art scene at the junction between the Old and New Towns in recent years.

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