art on building-project of the artist Saeed Foroghi

Under the title 'G? - FLAGGSCHIFFE', the artist Saeed Foroghi has created a multi-layered artistic installation for the facade and the outdoor area of the GEH8 building. The artwork draws attention to GEH8 as a production and presentation site for art and culture in Dresden. After a difficult and rather lengthy phase of financing, the support of the Foundation of Art & Music for Dresden will enable the successful completion of the art on building-project: the motorization and control of the flagpoles.


Flags, apart from their meaning generated by the combination of visual elements such as colors and shapes, can also be carriers of metaphorical and symbolic content, depending on the place and the way they are used. In every flag hoisted in a solemn ceremony, a sign of power, belonging and identity is also manifested, which at the same time requires a distinction between power and identity vis-à-vis an 'other'.

Saeed Foroghi's works with flags are a kind of effort to decontaminate these symbols. His artistic works revolve around the question of belonging and loss, of locating one's identity in borderlands of different states as well as between traditional gender roles. The principle of inversion often found in his works represents a transfer of this search into artistic method.

The artistic work was to focus on the GEH8 as a place of production and presentation for art and culture and to be well perceived in the newly created public urban space.



Saaed Foroghi


July 03, 2021



Stiftung Kunst & Musik für Dresden
Paul Elsner • Saeed Foroghi • Friedbert Damm
Robert Vanis
Robert Vanis
Robert Vanis
Robert Vanis


Here, work is done and exhibited in one place: GEH8 Kunstraum und Ateliers e. V. is a non-profit association in Dresden for the promotion of contemporary art. Founded in 2007 as a studio community of artists, architects, designers and urban planners in a former Deutsche Bahn car repair workshop, GEH8 has developed into an important production and presentation space for contemporary art.

In 10 studios and a 300 sqm exhibition hall, art is produced, presented and communicated. Artists, who have their studios on site, develop and supervise diverse exhibitions and projects. The door to the studio opens directly to the public from the exhibition space - and equally in the opposite direction for the artists. The resulting exchange enables both the public and the artists to engage in forms of discussion that are rarely possible in institutional exhibition contexts.

In the years of its existence, the GEH8 Kunstraum und Ateliers e. V. has developed from an initiative of artists into an established institution for contemporary art.

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