Art as a barricade: 'Bakunin's Barricade' by Ahmet Öğüt 

First time in Dresden since 1849

20.10.2018 — 20.1.2019

Michail Bakunin’s Dresden thought-experiment of using art for protecting democratic forces like a shield, as handed down from the May Revolution of 1849, manifests itself for the first time at its place of origin. Moreover, Ögüt’s Bakunin’s Barricade does not reside in a museum; instead, it is motivated by the cultural engagement of the newly founded Kunstverein Dresden and equipped by objects from the personal collection of its members. The responsibility of citizens to impart a living democracy, ultimately even through the deployment of their personal property, consitutes the opening statement of the Kunstverein. The Dresden edition of the artwork by Ahmet is a collective truth and a symbol at the same time.

Curator: Susanne Altmann

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