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Film apation for TONLAGEN Festival 2021

I was wondering… Do you wonder … What if the best versions of ourselves are the ones we start out as? The mind of a child is perfectly curious, but it’s not something we get to keep forever.

At some point in your life, maybe you forgot how to lose yourself in your imagination? How to daydream? To wonder? To be silly and free? We at the Kinder Society believe we can go back there if we want – come with us and we’ll show you how!


About the cinematic adaptation

In 2018, Amy Bryce received the 2nd International Music Grant from the Foundation of Art & Music for Dresden to curate independent projects in Dresden, Berlin, and Leipzig for four months in spring 2019 as composer-in-residence. During her residency, she composed her opera 'A Kinder Society', originally conceived as an immersive theater piece. For HELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts Dresden's TONLAGEN Festival 2021, the original stage version was adapted for film and premiered in April 2021.

The original concept was to use HELLERAU as a site-specific location for immersive activities, inviting the audience to participate in the opera scenes as they moved through the building, using every nook and cranny, doorway and stairwell.



This production is in collaboration with Catherine Valve (filmmaker) and will be performed by Sarah Parkin (soprano), Rosie Middleton (mezzo-soprano) and Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser (instrumentalist/composer).


April 24, 2021

as a stream (temporary)

HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts Dresden


Garry Jones Photography
Garry Jones Photography


Amy Bryce grew up in Sussex and lives in London, where she writes music with colleagues from across the UK and Europe. Her practice focuses on the role contemporary music plays within collaborative theater making, site-specific work and educational settings.

Amy was a participant in the 2020 Young Composer's Scheme with the National Youth Choir's of Great Britain, resulting in her music appearing on a digital release on NMC Records and an article in Choir and Organ Magazine.

Amy Bryce also worked with the 2020 Festival de Music de Sentúbal in Portugal last year on an interdisciplinary composition for their youth ensemble. She was also a participant in the 2020 Britten Pear's Young Artist's Program, exploring opera performance art in a multimedia setting.

Amy Bryce was a participant in the 2016/17 London Symphony Orchestra Composer's Panufnik Scheme, from which she received an artist commission and a world premiere with the LSO Community Choir. Her work has also been programmed by the BBC Singers on Radio 3, Tête-à-Tête Opera and at the Lilian Baylis Theatre in collaboration with Sadlers Wells.

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