Funding principles

The Foundation of Art and Music for Dresden promotes projects in the areas of music, artistic and cultural education as well as contemporary art. We consider our foundation’s different purposes as equally crucial and seek to render similar support to them. The foundation reserves the right to choose funding projects exclusively on its own initiative. We focus primarily on projects that

  • make a distinguishable contribution to Dresden’s recent cultural discourse and to advocating a modern city of arts and culture,
  • are initiated within Dresden and are attracting supra-regional attention,
  • draw artists, musicians and cultural trends to Dresden,
  • promote talented young artists and musicians,
  • trigger inventive performances and feature exceptional programmatic ideas,
  • are made accessible to or have a sustainable impact on the general public,
  • distinguish themselves by active citizenship and private initiative and/ or,
  • cooperate effectively with relevant partners.

Our foundation seeks to actively help shape arts and culture in the city of Dresden. We deliberately cooperate with other foundations, institutions and initiatives in order to identify projects and to have a positive impact on the society we live in.

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