The of cultural scene of Dresden thrives on the diversity of its ideas. Often, well done artistic concepts find no implementation in the public. This is where the concept of KULTURPATEN DRESDEN starts working: to transform creative ideas into artistic reality, cultural enthusiasts and creative freelancers from the creative industries support Dresden artists, galeries and cultural enterprises in the successful implementation of their projects.

Above all, several sponsors help with their knowledge, their resources and their contacts practically. Concrete goods and services are at the center of the commitment of each project-related sponsorship. Especially young artists and creative artists benefit from this cooperation. At the same time, the supports - the godparents - gain insights into the Dresden cultural landscape. This creative exchange of experiences releases new impulses and gives a public image to the cultural commitment of the company.



Baldauf & Baldauf
exhibition view of the installation „U.S.S. Plasma 8105“ by Diana Wehmeier, 2015