"Sound & Science" at the Dresden Music Festival 2015

Computer Science Department at the Technical University Dresden, Photo: TU Dresden

In 2015, the Foundation of arts and music for Dresden once again will support an innovative art format at the Dresden Music Festival: "Sound & Science". Whie the 2014 project "Bohème 2020" promoted by the foundation brought together artists from around the world and multiple disciplines, the 2015 project will focus on linking art and science.

The Dresden Music Festival and the Technical University Dresden seek to initiate a cooperation between music and science, multiple events and a lively dialogue. There are many points of contacts between those disciplines. An exchange will open up ever changing perspectives towards each other. The project lends itself sepcifically also to set new tones for music education. Thus, "Sound & Science" offers something for everyone: Jan Vogler will hold lectures at the children's university, there will be events designed specifically for college students and/or international scientists in Dresden. And guests will be able to investigate themes and phenomena that are fascinating for scientists, musicians and composers likewise. First and foremost, "Sound & Science" will discover new sound spaces.

The Dresden Music Festival will present "Sound & Science" at the university campus at least twice in 2015. It is excited to be staging extraordinary formats within such an inspiring an congenial context:

  • 18th May 2015, 9pm: Department of Biology, TU Dresden: Sound & Science/ Bohéme 2020;  "Madness- an Artistic Confrontation"
  • 4th June 2015, 7pm, Department of Computer Science, TU Dresden: Sound & Science/ Creativity; "On the Trail of Creativity - A musical and scientific dialogue"

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