23.01.2015 09:23

Dresden is open-minded

"Freedom triggers change. Change is enriching. Foreigners change and enrich our society. Be courageous - we will thus become stronger!" Martina de Maizière, executive officer, Foundation of arts & music for Dresden

The Foundation of arts & music for Dresden promotes the "Initiative for an open-minded Dresden (#WOD)". The initiative unites cultural institutions in the city of Dresden that organize a variety of events under this guiding principle. The initiative seeks to spread a distinct message for an open-minded society, for tolerance and solidarity and against xenophobic populism. The events taking place in this context express the committment of many to stand up for a welcoming city of Dresden that is proud of its democratic culture of integration.

The „Initiative for an open-minded Dresden (#WOD)“ seeks to encourage the dialogue from within civil society and is under the patronage of Dr. Eva-Maria Stange, Saxon State minister for science and the fine arts, and Helma Orosz, mayor of the city of Dresden.

Many institutions in Dresden, among them the Foundation of arts & music for Dresden, have signed the initiative and will use the headline „#WOD – Initiative for an open-minded Dresden“ at their events which will be published on their websites and programs. Please, refer to www.hellerau.org or www.staatsschauspiel-dresden.de for most recent information.

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