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International Art Grant

"Spitting Leaders", Bronze fountain, Soonsbeck, Arnheim, The Netherlands, 2008; Photo: Fernando Sánchez Castillo

In 2015, the Foundation of Arts and Music for Dresden awards a visual artist from abroad with its first „Artist-in-Residence-Grant“ . From among five nominated artists, a committee selected Fernando Sánchez Castillo, who was born in Madrid in 1970. Sánchez Castillo tackles questions of cultural memory, examines ways in which political power is consolidated and which role historical myths can play in this context. Public space serves him as a foil and catalyzer. Through film, sculpture, and performance, he openly seeks the dialogue with his audience.

„We are convinced that Fernando Sánchez Castillo will pose critical questions and create current artistic positions here, especially because the perception of Dresden has been overly marked by its history“, says Prof. Dr. Christoph Grunenberg, chair of the committee. „In Spain, he counts as one of the most important artists of his generation; in Germany, his art work is hardly known. We hope that awarding our grant to Sánchez Castillo will help to make his art work known, in Dresden and in Germany.“

Fernando Sánchez Castillo is looking forward to living and working in Dresden: “As I explore the city, I wish to focus on the preservation, reconstruction, and destruction of public places. I will particularly look at monuments and documents in this context. I am interested in the processes underlying the creation of collective space and how art can surpass social boundaries and thus help shape the future in multicultural societies with a rich historical heritage. My latest works also investigate how the presence of music and dance can influence the creation of new relations between institutions and individuals."

Sánchez Castillo will be in Dresden from July through December 2015. The foundation awards him a monthly stipend and provides an apartment and a studio at no cost. The studio is located at the artist's space „geh8“, which makes sure that Sánchez Castillo will be part of a lively community of artists. The foundation whishes to present his art work to the general public and seeks to establish cooperations with local artists and institutions for that purpose.

The Foundation of Arts and Music for Dresden hopes that the International Art Grant will help shape the current cultural discourse, draw creative expressions from outside into Dresden, and promote Dresden as a city of art on an international level. Biyearly, the Grant invites an international visual artist to live and work in Dresden. It addresses visual artists with a Fine Arts degree whose work has already been noted on an international scale.

The committee:

  • Dr. Hedda im Brahm-Droege, vice chair of the supervisory board of the Droege Group AG, member of the Association of Friends of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen e. V, art collector

  • Prof. Dr. Hartwig Fischer, Director general of Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (State art collection of Saxony)

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Grunenberg, Director of Kunsthalle Bremen (Art Hall Bremen), Chair of the committee

  • Ralf Lehmann, Gallery owner, Dresden

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Roth, Member of the foundation board, Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

  • Klaus F. K. Schmidt, Chair of the board of trustees, art collector

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