09.08.2013 13:14

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Seidt, deputy chair of the foundation board, visited OSTRALE 'O13 in Dresden

On initiative of the foundation of arts and music for Dresden, Dr. Hans-Ulrich Seidt, Director General of the Directorate of Culture and Communication of the Foreign Office of Germany, visited the OSTRALE in Dresden on 8th August 2013. Dr. Seidt is deputy chair of the foundation board of the foundation of arts and music for Dresden.

During his visit at the international exhibition for contemporary arts, Dr. Seidt was accompanied by Martina de Maizière, executiove director of the foundation, as well as by representatives of the association of friends "OSTRALE.freunde". Moritz Stange, artistic director of OSTRALE´O13 guided through the exhibition and presented particularly the international art works of the current exposition. The group was impressed by the variety of art and the successful design of the exhibition in the historic livestock feeding halls at Dresden's so-called Ostragehege.

In the following discussion, Dr. Seidt emphasized that he sees great potential for contemporary arts in Dresden that can be developed especially in close cooperation with science institutions in Dresden and with regard to the city's international reputation.

The foundation of arts and music for Dresden will actively support such developments in the future.

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