19.03.2018 09:47

Internatioanl Art Grant

Marinelle Senatore

Given the opportunity to participate in the Artist-in-Residence program of the Foundation of Arts & Music for Dresden has broadend my mind in learning and experiencing the Culture of Eastern Germany. Undoubtedly, the program allowed me to interact with numerous local artists that inspired me in every single way possible. As exchanges and encounters with various people is the core that circulates and centres my artistic practice, it prompts a richness of ideas and visions through sharing. 

The idea of having the entire community come together for an occasion often appears in my projects, and I would like to apply such concept in cooperation with the foundation as a final touch. An open call will be establish to involve diverse groups and individuals as participants for the project. The project is fundamentally based on communal efforts and communications whilst innovative experiences will blossom through the participation. Essentially, sharing one's own and other cultures empowers the urge of understanding and tolerating fearlessly.  
Marinella Senatore, March 2018

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