25.07.2017 14:46

Ostrale 2017

"Wall Jumper" by Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Credits: Oliver Kratz

The art project "Wall Jumper" by Fernando Sánchez Castillo at Ostrale 2017 is also funded by the Foundation of Arts & Music for Dresden. It wil be presented from 28th July through 1st October 2017  in room  "H5" at the Ostrale.

In 2015, the Foundation of Arts & Music for Dresden invited Fernando Sánchez Castillo to live and work in Dresden for a period of six months. 

The yearly alternating art grants of the foundation, one for music and one for fine arts, seek to invite independet artistic perspectives and to promote the international outreach of Dresden as a city of contemporary art. Biyearly, the foundation addresses artists whose work has already been noted on an international scale to apply for the International Art Grant. The grant is dedicated to fostering creative processes and to developing new, innovative ideas and artwork in Dresden. In 2015, the first International Art Grant invited Fernando Sánchez Castillo to Dresden.  

Please, see www.ostrale.de for fuirther ionformation about Ostrale and the art work by Fernando Sánchez Castillo.

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