18.07.2014 09:32

Opening: Ostrale 2014

Press conference at Ostrale on July 16th, 2014

On July 18th, 2014, Ostrale - 8th International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts in Dresden opened its gates. The board of the Foundation of arts & music for Dresden has decided to promote the international project "Private Nationalism" at Ostrale 2014. During a press conference, Martina de Maizière explained: "The exhibition 'Private Nationalism', joining art works by 41 artists from 12 countries, has convinced the foundation board especially because it copes critically and through multiple lenses with the rise of nationalism in post-socialist countries. Thus, it conveys a decidedly international focus to the 2014 theme 'Around you' at Ostrale. The Foundation of arts and music for Dresden aims to to open up the cultural discourses in Dresden to the world. We believe that 'Private Nationalism' is setting an example of an artistically inspired intercultural dialogue at Ostrale 2014."

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