13.01.2015 14:52


KULTURPATEN DRESDEN and the Foundation of arts and music for Dresden have decided to join efforts in order to promote contemporary arts in Dresden. KULTURPATEN DRESDEN is an initiative closely linking art and economy, which enables artists to noticeably realize their creative ideas in the city of Dresden. In return, companies and private individuals who take on a sponsorship gain singular insights into the processes of artistic creation.

The Foundation of arts and music for Dresden supports music, contemporary art, and cultural education in Dresden. The foundation provides the platform for a lively network that promotes Dresden as an international hub of arts and music. For this purpose, our foundation deliberatly seeks the dialogue and the cooperation with artists and cultural organizations as well as with companies here and elsewhere.

From now on, the foundation will serve as umbrella organization for KULTURPATEN DRESDEN. The cooperation aims at attracting more sponsors and at strengthening contemporary art in Dresden. Both partners wish to start a productive discourse and to give momentum to Dresden as an innovative city of arts and economy.

We gratefully accept earmerked donations for KULTURPATEN DRESDEN at the following accounts:

IBAN: DE62 8505 0300 0225 7370 00, BIC OSDDDE81XXX at Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden

IBAN: DE33 8504 0000 0804 0008 00, BIC COBADEFFXXX at Commerzbank Dresden

For more information see http://www.kulturpaten-dresden.de .

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