28.10.2015 10:32

Chris Dercon in Dresden

Photo: Harald Schluttig

On 23rd October 2015, the Foundation of Arts & Culture for Dresden organized a talk by Chris Dercon, director of Tate Modern in London and future director of Volksbühne Berlin, at the art hall Lipsiusbau of the State Art Collections of Dresden (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden). Dercon talked  about "The future of cultural institutions".

To a large audience, Dercon made a strong case for museums as spaces where people interact. According to Dercon, museums are places where perceptions of history, presence, and future are permanently negotiated by those who visit. Meaning is not objectively conveyed by the art object presented, but emerges as people interact with the object and with each other. Thus, we need new concepts for exhibitions and the spaces in which they take place and we need new corporate structures for such institutions.

For Dercon, Dresden is an exceptional city of the arts that has good potential for such innovative strategies. In Dresden's diverse cultural spaces, people may get into dialogue with each other and with the art presented. Thus, they may design an open civil society and an interactive museum culture. Admittedly, these ideas may to a large extent be dreams of the future. But they are definetely a stimulus for Dresden!

The Foundation of Arts & Music for Dresden extends its gratitude to Chris Dercon and to its partner, the State Art Collections of Dresden, for such an inspiring night in the context of the series "Impulse Dresden"!

Foto: Harald Schluttig/ Vorstand der Stiftung: Martina de MaizièreFoto: Harald Schluttig/ Direktorin des Albertinums: Hilke WagnerFoto: Harald Schluttig Foto: Harald SchluttigFoto: Harald SchluttigFotot: Harald Schluttig

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